Four teenagers from different backgrounds and personalities, Monica, Liliana, Tommy, and Max, are lost in a world where everything spiritual is visible, tangible, and more real than they could have ever imagined. As they venture deeper into the spiritual realm, they discover that the only way back to their own dimension is by finding the legendary Mighty River.

The journey will not be easy, as they must face their most powerful enemy: themselves while being hunted by a powerful predator, “the roaring lion.” They face his traps as they pursue the dangerous pathway to the Mighty River — a path where many can either die or be lost forever.

Mighty River is the first book in the Parakleto’s Journey Series, which tells the story of a group of four teens who discover a gateway to the spiritual realm and the impact of that world into their own reality. In their journey, they will discover the true meaning of friendship and the value of relationships with God and with one another.